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Lakewood Park in Waterbury Connecticut
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Image of the Greatbrook Reservoir by Lakewood Park in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Photographed by Clay Johnson

Resilience of Grassroots &
Community-Based Initiatives Grant

Centering justice, equity and community voice, this invitation-only Spring grant opportunity focuses on supporting Waterbury's grassroots, neighborhood, and hyper-local initiatives

Funding Focus Areas

Invited proposals must align with one or more of the following areas:

Shifting Narratives and Leadership Development As Pathways To Systems Change

The foundation is interested in community efforts to shift language, stories and images to reframe the general narrative on Black, Indigenous and other people (particularly youth) of color. This opportunity prioritizes strategies that protect and expand community voice and power for marginalized communities through community

Programming That Addresses Root Causes of Inequity, Discrimination and Injustice

The foundation is centering community voice by supporting the resilience of initiatives and organizations led by people of color. Direct service programs must demonstrate that programming is culturally competent and actively addresses the root causes of inequity.

Breaking Down Silos

Multiple detrimental factors including a scarcity mindset, community disengagement, modest nonprofit infrastructure and others work in the social sphere making it deeply segregated, divided and siloed in Waterbury. The Foundation is interested in activities that tackle these impacts. Transformational community change comes from collaborative efforts across racial, ethnic, socio-economic and gender lines. Thus, the Foundation is interested in activities that utilize this approach.

More Information

Key Elements of the Resilience of Grassroots Organizations & Community-Based Initiatives Opportunity

  • Waterbury Footprint: approaches/initiatives must benefit marginalized communities in Waterbury, CT

  • Proposed activities should aim to address root causes of systemic, social, or racial inequity

  • Have active 501(c)3 nonprofit status or have an authorized fiscal sponsor (must have active governing body)

  • Grant amounts to new grantees will not exceed $7,000

  • Grant amounts to returning grantees will not exceed $15,000 and cannot be more than 1/3 the total operating budget of the organization

  • This opportunity is by invitation only. The invited organization/project can apply for ONLY one (1) grant through this opportunity.

Priority Considerations Given to:

  • Initiatives that are BIPOC led and/or center the voices of marginalized communities

  •  Applications that employ pioneering and varied approaches to community or social change

  • Entities that can demonstrate some way to measure success/impact

Aligned Ideas (examples)

Operationalizing A Specific Expressed Community Need - Have local residents expressed a need or goal that has not yet received resources to implement e.g., a mutual aid program, a community garden, a neighborhood clean-up, etc.?

Introducing Other Approaches To Change - Is there a regional or national project or speaker that you would like the Waterbury community to experience?

Truly Transformative Youth Initiatives - Do you have an organization that offers or wants to offer transformational programming that gives youth BOTH the tools and access to use those learned skills to challenge institutional barriers that limit opportunities and potential?

Application Process And Timeline

  • This grant opportunity is by INVITATION ONLY

  • Invitees are REQUIRED to attend an informational webinar in order to apply. Invitees will receive dates and times from which they can choose to attend the webinar. 

  • After the virtual info sessions, the application link will be sent


What Happens After Submission?

After applications are received, a subcommittee will review the narratives/information and a clarification call will be scheduled. Final determinations will be informed by the clarification cycle and completed by the end of June. Grants will range in size based on a variety of factors, but will not exceed $15,000 with a period of performance of one year

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