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Lakewood Park Waterbury CT
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Image of the Greatbrook Reservoir by Lakewood Park in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Photographed by Clay Johnson


Frequently asked questions.
Here are some common questions about The Leever Foundation.

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What is a family foundation and how does it work?

Is it possible to apply for more than one Leever Foundation Grant in a calendar year?

Does the program or initiative have to be a 501c3 non-profit organization to apply?

If I apply for a grant, who reviews the submission?

What if an organization does not run programs in Waterbury; is it eligible for a grant from the Leever Foundation?

Does the Foundation fund buildings, renovations, capital campaigns, scholarships or disaster relief?

Foundations aren't allowed to lobby, but your work focuses on advocacy, organizing at the grassroots to effect systems and structural change. Isn't that a form of lobbying?

Does Leever Foundation accept unsolicited applications?

Is my project eligible for support from the Leever Foundation?

If the organization receives a grant, how are the funds dispersed?

How should grantees recognize the Foundation’s support in publications, websites or social media?

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Foundant Technologies Applicant Tutorial

The Leever Foundation utilizes the Foundant Grant Management software to streamline our grantmaking process. Once grant eligibility is confirmed, each grant applicant will receive an invite to create a Foundant account. Below is a tutorial showing grant applicants how to create an account.

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Still need help? Send us a note.

For any other questions, please write us at

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