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The Leever Foundation is dedicated to supporting opportunities for people in Waterbury, Connecticut, especially children, to fulfill their potential.

By working collaboratively with communities, learning experientially, and staying grounded in a core set of values, the foundation is steadfast in its support of place-based transformational change toward a just and equitable society.

An image of the Cool Waters Mural located in Waterbury, Connecticut.

"Cool Waters," a mural by Joanne and Bruce Hunter assisted by more than 1,000 Waterbury residents between ages 5-80+ located on South Main Street, Waterbury, CT.

Spring Grant Opportunity Focus: 

Resilience of Grassroots &
Community-Based Initiatives 

Centering justice, equity and community voice, this invitation-only grant opportunity focuses on supporting Waterbury's grassroots, neighborhood, and hyper-local initiatives.

Fall Grant Opportunity Focus: 

Transforming Systemic Inequality

This grant opportunity aims to tackle significant structural and systemic barriers to opportunities and success for Waterbury residents, especially young people, who live at the intersections of multiple oppressions such as race, economic status, sexual orientation, immigration status, disability, etc.

An image of art mural on the municipal parking garage in Downtown Waterbury, Connecticut.

A mural by JoAnn Moran assisted by more than 20 Waterbury After School Arts Project students located on the Buckingham Parking Garage on Bank Street Waterbury, CT.

A sunset image of East Main Street in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Image of E. Main Street, Waterbury, Connecticut, during a summer day golden hour. 

Photographed by Clay Johnson

The Leever Foundation invests in initiatives led and informed by change-makers, thought-leaders, and creatives working in Waterbury's diverse neighborhoods. By honoring the assets and cultural resources within each community, we aim to tap into these unique strengths to drive positive change. The Foundation provides resources and support to organizations, with the goal of collaborating to build a more equitable society.

Who We Serve

The Foundation strives to collaborate, invest and transform. The goal is to support those driving the change that will reverberate far beyond the city's borders. 

With a fierce commitment to justice and equality, we collaborate with communities, moving ideas into action and seeding opportunities that empower individuals to shape spaces where every person is seen, heard, and valued."

Leever Foundation Service Area Map

Waterbury Neighborhoods Map

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